About Us

ProCycle Dyno Industries is a family owned and operated business since 2008. With 20 years of motorcycle experience, our staff are highly qualified and passionate about their work.

Managing Director of ProCycle Dyno, Andrew (Fred) Badcock, is highly qualified and has extensive industry experience. For 5 years, he was Head of Technical Management at Serco Pty Ltd for Dynojet Australia. He has been factory trained at the Dynojet research facility in Las Vegas and has provided training to Dyno shops throughout Australia. His work includes creating in-excess of 1000 custom fuel maps for many different makes and models.

With a background in motorcycle sports for over 2 decades, our involvement expands across many forms of professional racing such as Drag Racing, Superbike, Supersport, FZ6 Cup, 125 GP, Formula Extreme, Speedway,  Forgotten Era, Motorcross and Supercross.

Andrew also has 5 years' experience of engine development working with the Serco Yamaha Pro Lite Motorcross/Supercross Team. Andrew competes in the ANDRA Prostock Motorcycle Championship and won the 2009/10 season. Our current best ET is 7.24 @ 183mph over the quarter mile, with a 1.07 60ft time!!

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