Pre-Dyno Checklist


Your bike MUST be in good, solid working condition before booking a dyno session. If you have recently re-built or made changes to your bike- you must successfully road test, before booking.


Hard compound tyres are optimal for your dyno session. Soft compound tyres will slip on the dyno, thus peak horsepower numbers may be lower than expected, and cause variance with each pull.


Your clutch must be in good condition and must not be slipping. The stronger the clutch, the better.


WET:  Nitrous kits will not be activated on the dyno- due to safety hazards.

DRY: Dry Nitrous kits can be activated on the dyno in cases where the kit is less than 100hp.  Larger kits cause too much torque for the dyno drum to handle thus causing in-accurate readings.    


It is essential that your bike has a FULL tank of fuel upon arriving for your dyno session. If tank is not full, additional time & fuel charges will apply- we have a limited supply of fuel on the premises.


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