Carburettor Re- Jetting

The more modifications your bike has, exhaust, filter, cams or other engine mods that change the shape of the fuel curve, the more improvement you will get from dyno tuning your bike.

For Carbureted bikes this is mechanically done by changing the jets and needles etc.

Carburetor tuning is always a compromise as you don't have the same amount of tuning scope as a EFI bike.

A carburetted bike will generally only give you 4-5 adjustments across the entire rev range & this needs to be done in a way to keep every part of the rev range happy.

Procycle dyno specialises in tuning both 2 & 4 stroke engines and we have a large range of jets in stock.

Carburettor Tuning Pricing

$110 Base Run, then hourly labour rate applies for rest of tuning process. Contact Us now to book your next tune.

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