Q)What is a map?

A map consists of tables which tell the Power Commander how much  fuel/ignition timing to add or remove from each throttle position at each  RPM.

Q) How do I load a map?

A complete description is provided in the user manual.
1. Open the Power Commander Control Centre Software
2. Click load file
3. Select a map
4. Click open
5. With the Power Commander powered up, click upload.

Q) Can the Power Commander damage my ECM/ECU?

The Power Commander is designed so that it can not send current to the processor in the ECU, which makes it incapable of damaging the ECU.

Q)Will the Power Commander void my warranty?

In most cases, in order for the manufacturer to deny warranty for a failed component, they must prove that the aftermarket part caused the component to fail. As the Power Commander cannot send current to the stock ECU, it is highly unlikely that it could damage the stock system in any way.

Q) My dealer says my warranty is void because I installed aftermarket parts on my bike, what can I do?

Consumers have specific rights, on any products they purchase. SEMA (specialty Equipment Market Association) helps protect these rights and has a web page with a list of what to do if your warranty is denied. For more information please visit http://www.sema.org/warranty.

Q) I cannot find a map for my combination, what should I do?

If you have minor modifications (exhaust, air-box, mild cams), use a map for a similar set-up. If you have major modifications (ported heads, aggressive cams, Stroker), then it may be best to have a custom map built by a Power Commander Tuning Centre.

Q) My Harley has a stage burn with all of the recommended Sceamin Eagle Components, Why would i need a Power Commander?

A stage burn is a recalibration for specific Screamin Eagle components. When used with these components, the cruise air/fuel ratio is about 15:1. However at 15:1, they can run hot, surge, ping and are more likely to blue  pipes.
With the Power Commander installed with the proper map, the air/fuel ratio at cruise will be about 13.8:1, the bike will run smoother, cooler, accelerate better and be less likely to ping or blue the pipes.

Q) My Harley dealer modified my Harley ECM with stage burn. Will I still benefit from the Power Commander?

Yes. The stage burns are calibrations for specific screamin Eagle components. If you run any other parts that can change the air flow through the engine (pipes, cams), you will not have the proper fuel curve.

Q) My dealer says that i can run any pipes i want to on my EFI Softail and the ECM will correct for it?

The Delphi System is very good at masking low speed rideability problems,  however it cannot reshape the fuel curve for any modifications you may  do. It may appear to run ok with different pipes and air-box, but when  checking air/fuel ratios, you find that they are not optimum and in some  cases dangerously lean. With the Power Commander and a proper map  installed, the Softail's run noticeably better, smoother, and cooler, with  improved throttle response.

Q) My Suzuki dealer adjusted my ECU with a YFMS "Clicker Box". What is the advantage of a Power Commander over this?

A clicker box only has 3 adjustments, which is not nearly enough to build a  proper fuel map; the Power Commander can have up to 260 different  adjustments.
A clicker box can change the fuel curve up to 10%; the Power Commander  can change the fuel up to 100%.
A clicker type box flashes the EPROM on the ECU which can make it  difficult to return to stock; the Power Commander makes no permanent  changes to the ECU and unplugging it, returns the fuel curve back to  stock.

Q) Does the Power Commander interfere with the bikes ability to compensate for atmospheric conditions?

No. The Fuel Injection Systems found on today's bikes do a good job of adjusting fuel for atmospheric conditions (air tempreture, altitude, ect).  The Power Commander does not interfere with this and the automatic  compensation remains in effect.

Q) How much power will the Power Commander give me?

Horsepower is a product of how much air you can pump through your  engine. The Power Commander cannot cause your engine to pump more  air, however, the modifications you would make to your engine to pump  more air (exhaust, air-box, cams, heads, ect.) are limited, if you are  unable to adjust the fuel curve to match the air curve.
To make more Horsepower by adjusting the fuel curve, the fuel curve must  be too lean or too rich, and then when optimised, you can see a  Horsepower increase. Peak horsepower occurs at 100% throttle, most fuel curves aren't too bad  at 100% throttle.
However, most part throttle openings are lean from the factory, so  adjusting the fuel curve here can make additional Horsepower. Since most  riders spend a good deal of time in the part throttle areas, Horsepower  made here is noticeable and useful than peak power at 100% throttle.

Q) My local shop has a Dyno; can they tune my Power Commander Correctly?

Yes, if they are an Authorised Power Commander Tuning Centre.
The basic Interia Dyno that most shops have are great for dialing in  carburetion, however to build a complete fuel injection map, you need a  load control dyno with real time air/fuel rario monitor, and special training.

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